Another loss: Over before it started

After the miscarriage in September, we took a month off at the doctor’s recommendation.

I joined Andrew on the Atkins diet–lost a few pounds, plateaued, and then got frustrated.  Why was I depriving myself of certain foods if it wasn’t actually accomplishing anything?

Late Oct/early Nov we were cleared to TTC again.  I was shocked to get pregnant again right away.  I’d told myself I wasn’t going to test so early, but I noticed a few symptoms I’d only ever had during my previous pregnancy.  The next day, my positive tests were lighter, and after another two or three days, gone entirely.  The technical term for such an early loss is “chemical pregnancy.”  And, if I hadn’t been so attuned to my body, I probably wouldn’t even have known I was pregnant in the first place.

So another loss meant more heartbreak and disappointment.  Being so brief, I don’t think that it necessarily had as drastic an impact on either of us as the miscarriage.  But it still sucked.  A lot.


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