How did we get here?

Andrew and I met in January of 2005.  After a somewhat convoluted story of a long-distance, on-and-off again relationship, we got together for keeps in 2008.  At our little get back together rendezvous, Andrew admitted that he wasn’t sure whether or not he even wanted children.  I told him, no, that was a deal-breaker, I absolutely wanted to have children.  To which he agreed, and as time went on, he grew to realize that he also really wanted to have children.

Our rendezvous was in March 2008, and I then moved to Seattle to live with Andrew July 1st.  Three days later, Andrew proposed while we watched the fireworks from our new apartment.  It was very romantic!  We were married at the courthouse on March 20th, 2009, and had the big wedding celebration on our one year anniversary, in Baltimore, MD.

I knew from a very early age that I wanted to have children.  I was 12 years old when I started babysitting, and that experience is what made me realize I wanted to have my own children some day.  However, my early-20s were fraught with uncertainty — employment, student loans, poor financial decisions typical of that age group, and of course love.  So I knew I was in no position to even consider having a child.

So, as soon as Andrew and I got engaged, I got bitten with the baby bug something fierce.  I could feel my biological clock ticking.  Andrew, however, took a little more time to be comfortable with the idea.  Let’s get married first.  Ok.  Let’s have the big wedding first.  Ok, ok!  Let’s buy a house first.  Oh, come on!  Fine.

We did all that.  We closed on our (five bedroom!) house in November 2010, and started trying to conceive (TTC) shortly after, in January 2011.

Eighteen months later, and here we are.  Waiting….


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