Bringing out the big guns: IVF

IUI #3 was officially a bust.  This picture kind of sums up my feelings on that.

On Thursday we had a follow up appointment with the RE, a “what if?” appointment, to discuss our options if this IUI was unsuccessful.  With my low AMH, she doesn’t think it’s worthwhile to try more IUIs… so it’s time to move on to IVF.  A prospect which both excites me, and terrifies me.

I’m excited because it is, without a doubt, the procedure that will give us the highest possible chance of getting pregnant.  At our appointment, the RE said that fertility is the only area of medicine where they start with the least effective treatments first.

I’m also terrified because, despite being incredibly lucky and having some insurance coverage, it’s still going to be incredibly expensive.  And the emotional stakes are so high.  I knew, going into IUI, that if it didn’t work I was going to be more disappointed/upset than just trying on our own.  I know that going to such great lengths as IVF… I’ll be devastated if it doesn’t work.

We’re not quite jumping into IVF right away.  We’re taking one month off, to get ourselves more physically and emotionally ready.  Three IUIs, the meds, and disappointment, we’ve lost some ground on our weight loss journey… and just aren’t necessarily in the right emotional place for this procedure.

So, next up: we’re going to try the 30 day shred, and get back to our healthy eating.  And maybe look into a therapist who specializes in Infertility, because I think talking to someone about it would be beneficial for both of us.


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