I have a schedule!

OMG, this last week has been crazy.

Friday night I flew out on a red eye to MD for a friend’s wedding.  Got there around 10am, the wedding was at 4.  Sunday I drove up to NJ to see some family (namely my Grandma who’s in the hospital 😦  Monday I drove back to MD to fly out to Seattle.  Needless to say I didn’t get much sleep!

On my way to the airport, the dentist calls with a cancellation for the next day (Tuesday), 11am.  Ok, no prob.  While I’m in the airport, I see an Email from my IVF coordinator that my blood tests came back, and everything is good — except that I need to be vaccinated for Rubella! (MMR I suppose, but she just said Rubella)  AND!  You’re not supposed to TTC for 30 days after the vaccine.  Crap!  So I frantically make an appointment to get an appointment for the vaccine the next morning… at 8:40am.  And keep my fingers crossed that this won’t postpone the cycle.

So I land at 11:15pm, get home around midnight-ish… and get maybe 6 hours of sleep before going in for the vaccine.  And then two hours at the dentist.  Hooray!  Then I come home and decompress for a few hours before going to work.  Somewhere in here the IVF coordinator Emails and gives me my schedule!  Hooray, we don’t have to be postponed!!

Today, I think I’m at least mostly caught up on sleep, and finally have time to blog my schedule!!  In the midst of all this craziness, of course, my period came.  So I started Birth Control (BCP) on Sunday.  Here’s a brief rundown:

10/30 – last day of BCP
11/1 – Suppression check, paperwork paperwork and more paperwork
11/2 – Start Stims
11/11 – Stop Stims, Trigger shot to get the eggs ready
11/13 – Egg Retrieval
11/16 OR 11/18 – Egg Transfer

So that’s all tentative, and dependent on my body cooperating, but at this point looks like the most likely schedule.

OMG this is actually happening!!


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