Injection training and meds

Yesterday Andrew and I went to injection training with our IVF Coordinator.  She seems very nice, and very meticulous.  Which is definitely a good quality for someone who does what she does.  She seems very focused on the task at hand, whereas my RE and her MA are a little on the friendlier side and more open to chit chat… but that’s really ok.  She does her job, and presumably does it well, so that’s all I care about. 🙂  I’m not looking for someone to kiss my ass, I just want a baby!

So the training was a little… overwhelming.  I think I’m mostly ok with the subcutaneous (SQ) injections, but the intramuscular (IM) ones scare me.  I’m also afraid I’m going to have trouble measuring, or leave out one of the meds that needs to be refrigerated!  I just need to be meticulous, and I can do it!

Day 10 of BCP, and I am so over them.  I haven’t stopped bleeding since I started taking them.  I asked the coordinator, and fortunately it’s not anything to worry about, but it is certainly annoying.

And as for the meds, my coordinator is ordering them, and I should have them by the end of the week!  OMG this is for real!

So, we are very very VERY lucky to have some insurance coverage for IVF.  Aetna’s IF coverage consisted of: 6 IUI cycles, 6 injectible cycles (which we didn’t use), and $10k for IVF.  That’s lifetime.  We’ve used 3 IUI cycles now (also a requisite for the IVF coverage).  The $10k is going to cover, pretty much, just this cycle.  We might have a little left if this doesn’t work… but we’ll see.

The meds are somewhere in the $5k range.  And that’s if we pay cash (out of pocket – OOP).  If we go through Aetna: 1. It’ll cost a lot more, and 2. we have to go through their special pharmacy.  So it would eat up at least half of our coverage, which we need all of for the IVF procedure itself–we’re looking at $11-12k for the IVF.  That’s why we’re paying OOP for the meds.

But now for some good news!  Since my Crinone (Progesterone gel) was covered separately when I used them for the IUIs, I decided to check if the Progesterone Injection (Progesterone in Ethyl Oleate – PEO) would also be covered.  I called Aetna, and it is!  And I took a chance that if the PEO was covered, then the Estrogen might be too, and it is!!  Also, I knew there was no reason to pay out of pocket for the Vicodin (to help with pain after Egg Retrieval) and Valium (to relax me for the day of Egg Transfer), since those are just basic prescriptions.  I don’t know how much this is all going to save us, since it’s the superovulatory drugs that are the expensive ones, but that’s ok, I’ll take it!  Every little bit helps!

With the manufacturer coupons our coordinator had, we were looking at about $4500 for everything.  I’m still waiting to find out what the damage is, but I’m hopeful!


3 thoughts on “Injection training and meds

  1. Isn’t it exciting?! And terrifying?! I’m sure you’ll do just fine with all the injections but I know it’s overwhelming. I’ve found that making a chart with what I’m supposed to take each day and marking it off as I go really keeps me organized and not so stressed that I’m forgetting something.

    Did they put you on Lupron? I’m hating it! What stims are you on? I’ll be on Gonal-f and Menopur. And you’re right, the sub-q are easy as can be but I’m scared of the progesterone!!!

    • Yes! Definitely exciting but terrifying!! I’m on BCP for suppression, no Lupron. And I’ll be on Follistim and Ganirelix.

      I asked if I could use Crinone again, because I am dreading the IM progesterone, but alas, they insisted it has to be inject. 😦

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