Suppression Check and a Green Light!

So this morning, I had my suppression check.  I got stabbed in the ovaries with the ultrasound wand, and had bloodwork done.  I’ve had my fair share of vaginal ultrasounds, but I guess when the ovaries are that small and “quiet” they’re much harder to see, so she had to really dig in there.

She saw 9 follicles, which isn’t a whole lot, but she also said that they could surprise us and we’ll have more than 9 eggs to work with.  And I didn’t have any cysts, which is the other reason for the ultrasound.  The bloodwork reflected what the ultrasound showed–that I’m good and suppressed.

So what does that mean?  That means we are cleared to start the cycle!  I start Follistim tomorrow morning!  Eek!

Here goes nothing!!

In other news, I totally had a stress meltdown the other day.  I think I’m really nervous and anxious and, well, just a huge bundle of emotions about this whole thing.  And trying to ignore it… which doesn’t really work. 😦  Also, Andrew is working hella long hours lately, and feeling tons of work-stress… so that’s not exactly helping.

But, we can do this!  We will do this!!


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