Lucky number 7? =/

So my Antral Follicle Count at the beginning of the cycle showed 9 potential follicles (which is where the eggs come from).  At my monitoring appointment yesterday, that number was down to 7… well, kinda 7 1/2.  7 follies all at about the same size, 8-9mm, and one around 5mm that might work out.

So my doctor said she wouldn’t recommend cancelling… only if there were 4 or fewer.  But with 7, we probably won’t have any “leftovers.”  Meaning no frozen embryos, and this is probably a one shot deal.  In which case, I strongly feel that we should transfer two.  There is a higher chance of it working over all if they transfer two.  Yes, that includes a high chance of twins.  But so be it.  If I never have to do this again, it’ll be too soon.

We could be surprised, and more follicles could be hiding… and we won’t know anything until the Egg Retrieval, and then it’ll still be a few days before we know how many eggs fertilized, and survived, etc. etc.

I have another monitoring appointment tomorrow, and I’m kind of terrified.

On a related note, I saw an article that says a woman’s fertility can be related to how early her mother went through menopause.  Mine was in her early 40s.
Just one of many things I can blame her for… but that’s perhaps another post for another day.  And at least this is something she didn’t have control over.


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