So I got my trigger shot at 10:30pm last night!  Right on the nose.  It has to be exactly 35 hours before retrieval.
Let me clarify that, Andrew gave me my trigger shot.  That’s right, he stabbed me, in the butt, with a needle.  Here’s proof!


Don’t worry, that’s technically my lower back/hip area, not really my butt. 😛

When I start the PEO, I’ll get a butt-stab every single day.  Hooray!  😦  (I promise not to post a picture of every Hello Kitty Band-Aid).

Tomorrow’s my Egg Retrieval.  9:30am, check-in at 9.  They should be able to tell me how many eggs they got when I wake up.  Eep.

We’re staying in a hotel tonight, and going out for a yummy dinner!  Since I can’t eat or drink after midnight.

So yeah.  Tomorrow they knock me out, stick a needle in a very delicate place, and get my eggs.
I am not nervous.  At all.  #lyingthroughmyteeth


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