All our eggs in my ute

So I had my Egg Retrieval yesterday.  I was pretty nervous.  Like, hella nervous.

And then I wake up from the anesthesia, and they tell me they retrieved four.  Only four eggs out of our already slim 7 follies.  I started crying.  A lot.  They tried to get me to stop crying because they wanted a good blood pressure number before I could go home, and of course stress elevates that. 😦  Anyway, obviously they eventually let me go home.

But I spent the past 24 hours terrified that none of the 4 eggs were going to be mature, or fertilize.

Well, all four were mature, and two of them fertilized!  So we’re going to do a three day transfer (3DT) of both embryos on Friday at 3pm.  Of course I wish we had more, but that doesn’t change anything.  And here’s hoping that both those little embies are rockstars!

Here goes nothing!!


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