PEO and Odds

This morning Andrew gave me my first PEO shot.  It really wasn’t that bad, not even as bad as the trigger shot, but probably because it was half the volume (.5cc).  Saturday it goes up, though, to 1cc.  Talk to me after a few days of that, and I’ll let you know how I feel about PEO. 😛

So my doctor called me today.  Yesterday when I was waiting for the call, I thought that if the doc called me, then it was definitely bad news, and she didn’t want my coordinator to give it to me.  Today, though, I knew there would be no new information, so I didn’t freak out.  She just wanted to check on me, which was sweet!  This is why I like that we’re using a smaller, more personal clinic.  The big clinic across town is, well, bigger, but much less personal–at least from the reviews on Yelp.

Anyway, she wanted to check on me, and make sure that I was ok with transferring both embryos, which I definitely am.  Ever since she told us we probably wouldn’t have frosties, I was thinking we should do two.

And then she said she puts our chances at around 50-50.

So there it is.  All this work, and we still only have a 50% chance of getting pregnant.

I hate this roller-coaster.  And I hate how I can go from zero to optimistic and back again in a matter of minutes.


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