Meet the kids

I’ve been hesitant to post this, with all the fragmentation, but I figure I may as well.  Besides, I’m trying to stay optimistic that this will be our first ever baby picture.  So those are the two embryos that we transferred on Friday.

Not much else to report here.  Still waiting waiting waiting… trying not to pull my hair out at every twinge.  I know full well that the drugs I’m on will also give me pregnancy-like symptoms, I just wish I wasn’t so attuned to it, and thinking about it every.damn.minute.

Otherwise, I’m currently testing out the trigger.  The trigger shot that I got last Sunday night (remember the Hello Kitty band-aid?) is pure hcG (pregnancy hormone).  It was exactly 35 hours before my egg retrieval, to get the eggs all nice and ready to go.  They do the same thing with IUI cycles, and presumably some medicated cycles with just timing (read: scheduled sex), to induce ovulation.  The only catch is, after the trigger shot, it stays in your system for roughly 10 days.  So you will get a + HPT (home pregnancy test) but it’s from the injection and can’t be trusted as a real positive.

Anyway, so testing out the trigger means you watch for the + to get lighter and then go away (or possibly never fully go away, but get darker again) to know that if you get a + after that point, it’s for reals.  I’m not posting pictures so that nobody will mistake it for a real positive. 😛


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