Follow up tomorrow

We have our follow up with Dr. Lady tomorrow.  I’m feeling a little bit anxious.  Maybe it’s the deferring decision-making, and knowing that tomorrow will make it harder to defer decision-making.

Another IVF is the next step, definitely.  But which doctor?  Which protocol?  Do we add the growth hormone?  And do we gamble on two IVFs being better than one, and go for the program where we’ll save money if we sign up for both at once–but spend extra if the first one works?

I said before I thought, emotionally, I’d only have one more IVF in me.  But if that one doesn’t work, am I ready to give up the hopes of a biological child yet?


Side note, my manicurist asked me if we were going to have children.  I told her we’ve been trying, so hopefully soon.  She then asked how long we’ve been married, I told her close to 4 years, and she said something like “yeah, it’s time.”  I know she meant well, but, really?  Why do random people who don’t know you very well think it’s their business to ask about having kids?  Grr.


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