15 million to one

By far the best numbers we’ve had yet.  Yup, that’s right, I was inseminated with just shy of 15 million sperm.  14.85 million, to be exact.

Here goes nothing!


IUI Tomorrow!

Our IUI is tomorrow at 1:45!  (West Coast time!)  Please send whatever vibes/finger crossings/etc. our way around that time if you think of it! ❤  We are probably looking at 3-4 mature eggs.  So, here’s hoping!
Update: My estrogen just came back at 745, which at ~200/mature egg, is right on track with that 3-4. 🙂

And here’s an amusing aside.  This might get a little gross, but 5 of the last 6 days I’ve had my legs in stirrups being uncomfortably probed with an ultrasound wand, so suck it up, I’m talking gross.  (I will at least have the courtesy to put it behind a cut if you don’t want to read it :P)  Continue reading

What did I say about change?!? >.<

So my IUI is Thursday, instead of tomorrow.  My lead follie is only 17ish, and Dr. Lady said if I’d never done this before, we’d trigger today, and do IUI tomorrow.  But with tomorrow we’d probably only have 3 mature.  Waiting one more day gives it a little more time for more to catch up.  In this case, according to my doctor, more is better.  I’m trusting her.  She wants 4-5, and waiting one more day should do it.

So why am I so frazzled about this relatively minor change?  Maybe it’s in part because I’d already taken the day off tomorrow.  In the grand scheme of things, I don’t really mind giving up one shift.  Even if it’s one of my best shifts (4 people working means it rotates, and every 4 weeks you get first pick of the longest shift — that’s me tomorrow, or would’ve been).

Dr. Lady also said there’s no right answer.  Which is what she said in our meeting when we debated another IVF vs. IUI + injects.  I hate that there’s no right answer.  She also said that if we did IUI tomorrow, and it didn’t work, I might wish we’d waited that one more day.  So, that makes sense.

I just feel like I’m kind of throwing darts at a dartboard… with a blindfold on, to see if anything sticks.  Maybe it was the “there is no right answer” part that has me more frazzled than the one day change.  I want perfection.  And I have to accept that there is no perfection here.  Baby(/ies) or no baby.

Do or do not.  There is no try.

I want to be a 99%er

Had another ultrasound today.  Looks like I’ll be triggering tomorrow, and have my IUI on Wednesday!  Dr. Lady said that we’ll probably have 4-5 mature eggs.  Yup.  That’s still a lot.

I mentioned that we’re both a little bit concerned about the number, and she said that if we were that worried, we could cancel.  But we’re not THAT worried.

And she said that she’d put the chance of triplets at <1%.  Which definitely eased my mind a lot.  So, yes, let’s stay in that 99%.  I didn’t ask her about the chance of pregnancy overall, and I kind of don’t want to.  I’m just going to hope with everything I’ve got that it works, and we get a baby (or two)!

P.S. The last of my meds from Aetna are finally coming in.  TOMORROW.  Woohoo!  And my last shot?  Is tonight.  Makes perfect sense to me….

Follie checks – lotsa eggs

I had my first follie check on Thursday.  While we were in the waiting room, Dr. Lady saw us as she was passing by, and wanted to do our ultrasound herself.  Which I thought was kinda cool.  Then she had us schedule yesterday’s ultrasound on her schedule.  Andrew thinks it’s because this protocol isn’t really the usual.  Far from it I’d guess.

Anyway, on Thursday, there were a few follicles, two in the lead, two behind, and some small ones.  Yesterday, we had those two in the lead, two medium ones just behind, two smaller ones that are maybes, and two really small ones that probably won’t do anything.  So that sounds like four possibles, up to six … but I really don’t think it’ll go anywhere near that high.  I’m rooting for the two big ones, and maybe one or two of the ones just behind that.  I think my estrogen is lower than it was  for the IVF cycle, and we got four eggs.  We’ll see what it is on Monday.  When Dr. Lady once again does my ultrasound.

So it sounds like I’ll trigger Monday or Tuesday, and IUI the next day.  Eep.

We’re both a little nervous about the potential for so many eggs.  But we trust our doctor.  Here goes nothing!

Oh, and it looks like the rest of my meds will get here just in time for me to not need them anymore.  Thanks Aetna.  I’m glad my clinic had some they could effectively loan me until mine comes in.

It’s about fraking time!


I finally have meds!!  Hooray!  That’s only 2 vials of Gonal-F, I theoretically have another 4 on the way…. because each vial is only 2 doses (450iu vial, 225iu dose once a day — half what I was on for IVF… 225iu Follistim twice a day).

Why the IVF coordinator “Stephanie” only ordered 2 vials, I don’t know.  The four doses I already had of Follistim (that last one was a real squeaker, might’ve only been like 215-220iu), plus four more doses…. still doesn’t quite make it for the full cycle.  I mean, I think I only took it for 11 days on my IVF cycle, but that’s still 11 doses.  Not 8.

Anyway.  I’m rambling.

I have my follie check ultrasound tomorrow!  Dr. Lady said the goal is 4-5.  Yes, that’s a lot, and I’m not gonna lie, it scares me.  But I know she’s a little scared too… and based on the results of my IVF, it doesn’t concern her as much as it might without that information.

And here’s a touchy subject for you.  Pretty much, I think if we said there was no way we would consider selective reduction, she wouldn’t be willing to be nearly as aggressive.  Andrew and I have discussed it, and we’re on the same page.  It’s a decision we will make if we have to, but please please please don’t make us have to make that decision.  But, as Andrew has said, we are beyond the point of optimal outcomes.  We just want a baby… or two.  Any more than that, and difficult decisions have to be made.

Well, anyway, here’s hoping tomorrow’s u/s goes well, and we’re on track! 🙂

Insurance Update

So, apparently Aetna accidentally DELETED my order on Friday.  So that’s why the prescription was denied.  How do you do that??  “Oh hey, they spent all day getting this approved.  DELETE!”

Thankfully, I had just enough Follistim to get me through to tomorrow, when my prescription will finally be coming in.

Ugh.  I’ll feel much better once I have drugs in hand tomorrow….