Cheat day!

So we’ve been dieting since January 1st, like probably most people with New Year’s Resolutions!  Andrew’s lost more than me — he’s been better about the workouts, but I’ve still lost 6 pounds!

But one of the best things about our diet is the weekly “cheat day.”  It’s built in, figuring that people are less likely to stray if they have a day designated to do so.

Anyway, since we’d been such gluttons… pretty much the whole time from Thanksgiving to New Year’s, we waited until today to have a cheat day.

So at work I had eggs, hash browns and bacon.  Mmmmm.  And then for dinner, we had sushi.  Lots. and. lots. of. sushi!!  Oh how much do I love sushi!

And now I’m drinking wine. 🙂

I love cheat day. ❤

There’s not really much point to this post… just that I’m a bit inebriated and thought it was a good idea. 😀


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