Damn you Aetna

So, two weeks ago, when I got my smiley face (indicating I was about to ovulate) I Emailed Michelle to get the ball rolling on this cycle.  Little did I know just how involved a process it is to get Aetna to pay for the fertility meds.

I wanted to blame Michelle for not starting sooner, but Dr. Lady said in our appointment today that it’s not her fault, and that Aetna is just really, really difficult.

I know I’m incredibly lucky to have any infertility insurance coverage at all, but Andrew just said: why give me the coverage if you’re going to make it next to impossible to use it?

So here it is, CD1.  The start of this cycle.  I’m supposed to start my meds tomorrow.  TOMORROW.  And I spent an hour on the phone with Aetna (granted most of that was on hold), and people at my clinic have spent probably comparable amounts of time on the phone (and hold) today.

On the way home from our appointment, Stephanie called me to say the meds finally got approved, and a pharmacy in California would call me soon to get everything set up.  So they called, and I gave them all my information, and they called Aetna………. only to be denied for the fertility meds.


I am seething right now.  It’s 4:30 on a Friday before a holiday weekend.  And I’m feeling pretty convinced I’m not going to get my meds.

Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster that I have some Follistim left over from my IVF cycle.  Otherwise I’d be screwed.

I asked Dr. Lady how people deal with this, especially if you’re doing back to back cycles.  She said a lot of times people just pay for the meds out of pocket.  Which I’m sure is what Aetna wants.  Well, they can suck it, because if they tell me they’re going to pay for something, you bet your sweet ass they’re damn well going to pay for it.

Stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “Damn you Aetna

  1. Oh man I am sorry you are dealing with this! If yo pay out of pocket will they reimburse you later? That is what ours does. Obviously that is not ideal, but it works for us. Hope you get it sorted out and can start!

    • If that’s what it comes to, we’ll pay out of pocket and figure it out from there. But I’m hopeful that we’ll get it figured out next week. It sounds like my IVF lady is going to give them hell on Tuesday. I should have enough Follistim to get me through that long, and worst case I’ll buy one small vial to get through until Aetna gets their act together.

      Keep your fingers crossed! 🙂

  2. I freaking hate Aetna! They tried to say that they didn’t have to pay for the induced delivery because it wasn’t “medically necessary.” Um….how else am I supposed to remove a second trimester dead baby from my body? Grrrr! (Sorry! Really not trying to make this about me.)

    I’m sorry you have to deal with them. Keep fighting. They will eventually back down. It just takes a lot of effort on your part. I guess most people give up and that’s why they keep acting like douches.

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