Follie checks – lotsa eggs

I had my first follie check on Thursday.  While we were in the waiting room, Dr. Lady saw us as she was passing by, and wanted to do our ultrasound herself.  Which I thought was kinda cool.  Then she had us schedule yesterday’s ultrasound on her schedule.  Andrew thinks it’s because this protocol isn’t really the usual.  Far from it I’d guess.

Anyway, on Thursday, there were a few follicles, two in the lead, two behind, and some small ones.  Yesterday, we had those two in the lead, two medium ones just behind, two smaller ones that are maybes, and two really small ones that probably won’t do anything.  So that sounds like four possibles, up to six … but I really don’t think it’ll go anywhere near that high.  I’m rooting for the two big ones, and maybe one or two of the ones just behind that.  I think my estrogen is lower than it was  for the IVF cycle, and we got four eggs.  We’ll see what it is on Monday.  When Dr. Lady once again does my ultrasound.

So it sounds like I’ll trigger Monday or Tuesday, and IUI the next day.  Eep.

We’re both a little nervous about the potential for so many eggs.  But we trust our doctor.  Here goes nothing!

Oh, and it looks like the rest of my meds will get here just in time for me to not need them anymore.  Thanks Aetna.  I’m glad my clinic had some they could effectively loan me until mine comes in.


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