I want to be a 99%er

Had another ultrasound today.  Looks like I’ll be triggering tomorrow, and have my IUI on Wednesday!  Dr. Lady said that we’ll probably have 4-5 mature eggs.  Yup.  That’s still a lot.

I mentioned that we’re both a little bit concerned about the number, and she said that if we were that worried, we could cancel.  But we’re not THAT worried.

And she said that she’d put the chance of triplets at <1%.  Which definitely eased my mind a lot.  So, yes, let’s stay in that 99%.  I didn’t ask her about the chance of pregnancy overall, and I kind of don’t want to.  I’m just going to hope with everything I’ve got that it works, and we get a baby (or two)!

P.S. The last of my meds from Aetna are finally coming in.  TOMORROW.  Woohoo!  And my last shot?  Is tonight.  Makes perfect sense to me….


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