IUI Tomorrow!

Our IUI is tomorrow at 1:45!  (West Coast time!)  Please send whatever vibes/finger crossings/etc. our way around that time if you think of it! ❤  We are probably looking at 3-4 mature eggs.  So, here’s hoping!
Update: My estrogen just came back at 745, which at ~200/mature egg, is right on track with that 3-4. 🙂

And here’s an amusing aside.  This might get a little gross, but 5 of the last 6 days I’ve had my legs in stirrups being uncomfortably probed with an ultrasound wand, so suck it up, I’m talking gross.  (I will at least have the courtesy to put it behind a cut if you don’t want to read it :P) 

So I don’t think our clinic knows what to do with us, and I mean that in the best way possible, with respect to our sense of humor.  We’re very open, and honest, and often times crass and inappropriate.  In other words: awesome.

So, one of the common signs of impending ovulation is this clear/white stretchy discharge.  The most innocuous term for it is Cervical Fluid, renamed from Cervical Mucous which was deemed somewhat gross.  What?  That’s what it is!  Whatever.  On the message boards, which are incredibly acronym heavy, it’s EWCM – Egg White Cervical Mucous.  Yep.  It’s much the same consistency as egg whites.  Early on in TTC, I explained EWCM to Andrew.  Who, in his eloquence, nicknamed it “vag snot.”  And that name has pretty much stuck ever since.  We told Dr. Lady about this, and she was very amused… though she insists on saying the full word, calling it Vaginal Snot.  Something she admitted she would never do with some of her more… (I forget what polite word she used) stuffy patients.

Today, when we were talking with our coordinator, (and thank the IPU we’ve been working almost exclusively with “Stephanie!”  I wouldn’t have made it through this cycle if we were stuck with just the MA) I told her we were planning to flood the area with sperm.  Those were pretty much my exact words.  We got a hotel room for tomorrow night (it’s usually recommended to have sex the day/night of IUI just to potentially boost the amount of sperm there) for that purpose.

Then we go to check out, and make our IUI appointment.  Our choices are 10am or 1:45.  Andrew immediately, vehemently, says: 1:45!!  His *ahem* contribution to the procedure is done around 2 hours before the insemination itself.  So he adds, “8am is way to early for me to ‘go to work,’ so to speak.”  And Stephanie gets this look on her face, half shocked/appalled and half amused, like “he did NOT just say that!”  That face pretty much made my entire day.

So, there you have it.  Vag snot, going to work, and flooding with sperm.

Andrew said you pretty much have to have a sense of humor about this sort of thing in order to make it through.  We’d be a lot crazier if we didn’t.


3 thoughts on “IUI Tomorrow!

  1. That wand is it’s own feeling! I got them for the past 2 weeks at 7:30a right before work. What a way to start your morning! It’s almost time for your iui and I am crossing everything for you as well 🙂

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