What a day!

Its a tough decision whether I was looking forward to my dentist appointment, or spending the rest of the day with my in laws (while Andrew was at work) less.

Hey, at least the dentist has laughing gas.

But the bad news is, I need some gum work done.  Yuck.  And somewhat related, I may never get my gum health up to 100% as long as I’m a dirty mouth breather.  I’ve been one for 30 years.  Really hard to change now.  Ugh.

Shortly before the IVF, i took our cats in for a checkup, and they needed dental work.  So I figured it was time to grow up and take better care of my own teeth (and Andrew too).  Sad what the motivation was, but a good idea regardless of the impetus.  Four months of good dental hygiene practice, and my gums are a little better, but still bad.  sigh.  I have an appointment with a periodontist now.  Fun.

Blah blah blah, I’m rambling.  I need to try and stop being a dirty mouth breather.  Whee.

Speaking of cats to the vet, I took Zeus this afternoon for compulsive licking hair loss.  Minor allergies, vet wasn’t concerned.

And I finally set an appointment with the third adoption agency.  They don’t have specific info sessions here, so it’ll be an individual meeting.

So that and entertaining the in-laws was my day today.  Just a big bag of random.

PS I assume I ovulated, but never got a positive OPK, so I’m not sure.  Meh, whatever.



Ok, I lied.  I’m making time to post again today, because I officially hate this cyst.

Can I say: OW?

When I mentioned it offhandedly this morning, it was because I had a little achey owwie on the right side (where Dr. Lady told me the cyst was).  No big deal.  I also thought it could just be O pains.

Well, now I’m in a fair amount of pain.  800mg ibuprofen and a heating pad, don’t seem to have done much.  I have one lonely vicodin left from my IVF, and I’m debating taking that before bed.

Oh, yeah.  And I’m pretty sure I’m about to O.  So we should be having sex.  But even walking is painful, so…. I think that’s kind of out of the question.

This cycle’s just a big fat bust.  The cyst kept us from doing another IUI, and now it’s even ruined need-to-have-sexy-time.  *sigh*

OTOH, reading more about cysts and whatever, my understanding is that the most likely cause was an egg that didn’t successfully leave the follicle, so it fills with fluid and stuff.  While I know there’s no point in over-analyzing and trying to figure out why the last IUI didn’t work, at least I can feel a little better about the fact that (most likely) one potential egg probably failed, so that lowered our chances.  Eh, trying to look on the bright side I guess.



I’m not dead.  I haven’t updated in a little while because we’ve been busy.  My best friend from college was visiting.  He left this morning, and the in-laws fly in tomorrow morning.  *sigh*

I really like my ILs, I do, and I know that makes me luckier than most.  But back to back visitors makes Meg something something.

Otherwise not much to update.  Probably ovulating soon, having sex, cyst might be going away (painfully), blablablah.  Maybe we’ll get lucky and not need to do IUI next cycle.  A girl can always hope!

Hopefully I’ll get another chance to update soon.  But there’s not much going on.  There wasn’t really opportunity to talk about, let alone go forward with, any adoption things while we had company.  Which we will again tomorrow….  So maybe in a week.  *sigh*


So I had my CD2 lining and cyst-check ultrasound.

Guess what, I have a cyst.  Hooray.  So the IUI is cancelled for this month.  Basically it’s not a good idea to take the drugs because the drugs will only grow the cyst — bad times.


However, it will not prevent me from ovulating, so I guess we’re stuck with the old-fashioned method this month.  *sigh*

In other news… last  night we spent our Valentine’s Day looking at adoption agencies online.  There sure are a ton of them!  I’d clicked on a bunch of them, and pretty much narrowed it down to three.  Though one of the three is mostly foster-to-adopt, so I don’t know if it’s for us.  We’ll see though.  Andrew seemed to like my choices, but it’s really hard to get a good sense just from a website

Anyway, I called all three today, so at least I’ve gotten the ball rolling.  Maybe not rolling very far as I placed calls at 3:30 on a Friday before a holiday weekend… but still rolling. 😛  I’m waiting for info packets from two, and have also signed up for info session meetings at two of them.  So, here goes nothing.

It’s time.

We had a long (inebriated) talk last night, and it was really good.  Good to reconnect, I feel like we’ve been spending a lot of time apart lately.  Also good to get our feelings and some things out in the open.  For some reason a little lubrication seems to facilitate important talks.  In vino veritas!

And can I just say that I really love my husband.  He is amazing, and I can’t imagine my life without him.  He’s my rock.  Ok, ok, enough Valentine’s Day sappiness.

Anyway, the big news is, we’ve officially decided to also pursue adoption.  As I posted earlier, we were playing with the idea not long back, but Andrew was concerned with juggling doctor’s appointments (assuming another IVF) on top of social worker visits/home study appointments etc.

Now we’re just ready.  We want to grow a family, however that was meant to come about.  Besides, even if I do become pregnant, I don’t think we could survive another round of infertility hell for child #2.  And we want two children.  Well, optimally, we want two.  If some wacky combination of fertility treatments and adoption miraculously brought 3 or 4 into our lives?  We’d happily make it work.  And if we’re absolutely meant to only have one?  Such is life.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.