Happy TTC Anniversary.

Not one I’d like to celebrate…

Two years ago today, we officially started TTC.

Andrew said he wanted it to be special, so I got all romantic, I bought roses (which of course go drastically up in price exactly one week before Valentine’s Day), I lit candles, I even sprinkled the bed with Hershey’s kisses (in lieu of rose petals, which I think are kind of lame), and a cute little heart shaped pillow.  And we happily embarked on our TTC journey, full of hopes and dreams.

I joined a popular message board, certain that everyone would hate me when I got KU that very first cycle!  Bahahaha, how naive I was.

On the plus side, I’ve made a number of awesome friends on those message boards.  The hard part is that the majority of them already have their adorable babies (a few are even pregnant with number two), but I still really value their friendship.  I don’t think I’d have held on to even the shred of sanity I have left if it weren’t for them. 🙂

Two years, two miscarriages, two uterus-exploring surgeries, one uterus-repairing surgery, 3 failed IUIs, one failed IVF… I’m ready.

Come on, universe.  Let it be my turn.


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