So I had my CD2 lining and cyst-check ultrasound.

Guess what, I have a cyst.  Hooray.  So the IUI is cancelled for this month.  Basically it’s not a good idea to take the drugs because the drugs will only grow the cyst — bad times.


However, it will not prevent me from ovulating, so I guess we’re stuck with the old-fashioned method this month.  *sigh*

In other news… last  night we spent our Valentine’s Day looking at adoption agencies online.  There sure are a ton of them!  I’d clicked on a bunch of them, and pretty much narrowed it down to three.  Though one of the three is mostly foster-to-adopt, so I don’t know if it’s for us.  We’ll see though.  Andrew seemed to like my choices, but it’s really hard to get a good sense just from a website

Anyway, I called all three today, so at least I’ve gotten the ball rolling.  Maybe not rolling very far as I placed calls at 3:30 on a Friday before a holiday weekend… but still rolling. 😛  I’m waiting for info packets from two, and have also signed up for info session meetings at two of them.  So, here goes nothing.


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