I’m not dead.  I haven’t updated in a little while because we’ve been busy.  My best friend from college was visiting.  He left this morning, and the in-laws fly in tomorrow morning.  *sigh*

I really like my ILs, I do, and I know that makes me luckier than most.  But back to back visitors makes Meg something something.

Otherwise not much to update.  Probably ovulating soon, having sex, cyst might be going away (painfully), blablablah.  Maybe we’ll get lucky and not need to do IUI next cycle.  A girl can always hope!

Hopefully I’ll get another chance to update soon.  But there’s not much going on.  There wasn’t really opportunity to talk about, let alone go forward with, any adoption things while we had company.  Which we will again tomorrow….  So maybe in a week.  *sigh*


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