Ok, I lied.  I’m making time to post again today, because I officially hate this cyst.

Can I say: OW?

When I mentioned it offhandedly this morning, it was because I had a little achey owwie on the right side (where Dr. Lady told me the cyst was).  No big deal.  I also thought it could just be O pains.

Well, now I’m in a fair amount of pain.  800mg ibuprofen and a heating pad, don’t seem to have done much.  I have one lonely vicodin left from my IVF, and I’m debating taking that before bed.

Oh, yeah.  And I’m pretty sure I’m about to O.  So we should be having sex.  But even walking is painful, so…. I think that’s kind of out of the question.

This cycle’s just a big fat bust.  The cyst kept us from doing another IUI, and now it’s even ruined need-to-have-sexy-time.  *sigh*

OTOH, reading more about cysts and whatever, my understanding is that the most likely cause was an egg that didn’t successfully leave the follicle, so it fills with fluid and stuff.  While I know there’s no point in over-analyzing and trying to figure out why the last IUI didn’t work, at least I can feel a little better about the fact that (most likely) one potential egg probably failed, so that lowered our chances.  Eh, trying to look on the bright side I guess.



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