What a day!

Its a tough decision whether I was looking forward to my dentist appointment, or spending the rest of the day with my in laws (while Andrew was at work) less.

Hey, at least the dentist has laughing gas.

But the bad news is, I need some gum work done.  Yuck.  And somewhat related, I may never get my gum health up to 100% as long as I’m a dirty mouth breather.  I’ve been one for 30 years.  Really hard to change now.  Ugh.

Shortly before the IVF, i took our cats in for a checkup, and they needed dental work.  So I figured it was time to grow up and take better care of my own teeth (and Andrew too).  Sad what the motivation was, but a good idea regardless of the impetus.  Four months of good dental hygiene practice, and my gums are a little better, but still bad.  sigh.  I have an appointment with a periodontist now.  Fun.

Blah blah blah, I’m rambling.  I need to try and stop being a dirty mouth breather.  Whee.

Speaking of cats to the vet, I took Zeus this afternoon for compulsive licking hair loss.  Minor allergies, vet wasn’t concerned.

And I finally set an appointment with the third adoption agency.  They don’t have specific info sessions here, so it’ll be an individual meeting.

So that and entertaining the in-laws was my day today.  Just a big bag of random.

PS I assume I ovulated, but never got a positive OPK, so I’m not sure.  Meh, whatever.


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