Holy shitsnacks


I’m pregnant.


It’s a cell phone picture, so you may not be able to tell very well, but the lines are there on all of them, progressively getting darker.

Saturday morning, what I think was 10 or 11 DPO, (not sure because I never got a + OPK) I POAS (pee on a stick– or I suppose technically I PIAC – pee in a cup), watched it for a minute or two, said “bah, negative!” dumped my pee and got in the shower.  After my shower, I check the stick again, and … what?  Is that a line?!  No!

So I get back in bed, poking a groggy Andrew because I’m not sure whether or not I should say anything.  After a few minutes, I finally say “so, I don’t want to get our hopes up, but is there a line there?  Can you put your glasses on and check?  If it’s there, it’s faint.”  “Oh, it’s there.”  And then I cursed myself for dumping my pee, meaning I couldn’t check on another test, like a FRER (First Response = the middle ones).

Three hours and deliberately little to drink later, another line on a Wondfo (top), and a faint line on the FRER.  Holy shit, I’m pregnant.

So I call the REs office to tell them, and ask if I should start Progesterone.  I wasn’t doing it because this was a “break” cycle.  The doctor on call said no, but it was at my discretion.  What the what??  I used my discretion, and started it that night.

Sunday morning I went in for a beta, and it was 15.8.  Which is low, but not really low for 12(?) DPO.   Dr. Lady called me herself with the results!  I guess she was working, going through labs, and stumbled across that one.  My favorite thing that she said was, “You guys are better at this than we are!”  haha!  She also said I should take progesterone, and baby aspirin, and that the doc the day before probably wasn’t aware of my miscarriages, otherwise she would’ve advised the same.

Saturday morning I took a digital, and it was negative, despite the + on the Wondfo and FRER.  The digital’s minimum levels are higher than the other two.  So I decided to wait a few days, and took one this morning before my second beta to reassure myself, and as you can see from the picture above, it’s undoubtedly positive. 🙂

And then… My beta this morning was 68.4.  They want to see it double in 48-72 hours.  My doubling time is, um, a lot less than that.  22.1 hours to be exact.  Possibly because it started so low, but we’ll see.  Beta #3 on Thursday!

So, yes, I’ve been kind of hiding the past few days.  Back and forth on whether or not to go public here.  If you’re a person who should be finding out some other way than my blog, I apologize. 😛  Last time we told pretty much our entire immediate family early on, and a few friends.  And then had to un-tell those people.  Which sucked.  This time we’ve only deliberately told people we know read the blog.  And we won’t go fully public for quite a few weeks, so mum’s the word.

Anyway.  I’m happy, excited, nervous, and scared.  Please let this be our rainbow baby.  We’re more than ready. ❤


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