I might stop peeing on things now

I make no promises, but I might.  For a few reasons, 1. in the interest of not spending $4/day (or every other day, as I’ve been slightly more restrained) on pee tests, and 2. it’s telling me what I already knew, I’m pregnant, and getting pregnant-er.

I’m still nervous, but peeing on more sticks isn’t going to change anything.


 Theoretically these things are supposed to be quantitative, not qualitative.  To a certain extent, maybe they are, but the line sure as hell gets darker and darker as there’s more and more hCG in your system.  As you can see, it’s gotten so dark the test line is darker than the control line.

Conversely, with my second pregnancy, the line started getting lighter like the day after I got a positive, and disappeared entirely within a few days.  It was a “chemical pregnancy,” the clinical term for a pregnancy so short most people probably wouldn’t notice — and I find it mildly offensive… mostly from the perspective that doctors don’t always really count it as a pregnancy.  No.  I was pregnant.  And then I wasn’t.  Maybe it didn’t suck as hard as a miscarriage at almost 9 weeks, but it sure sucked a lot.

ANYway.  I’ve also had a nasty cold for almost a week now.  I’m finally seeing the doctor, because this stabbing pain when I swallow has got to go.  It was only on the one side, this morning it’s on both.  Hooray!  I would kill to be able to take some Advil…..

I think that’s all I’ve got for today.


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