7 weeks

We had our last appointment with the RE today.  So I finally called my OB to set up an appointment.  Ultrasound pic behind the cut…


There’s our little ninja turtle. ❤  With a perfect heart rate of 141.

Next Thursday we have an appointment with the Perinatologist, since I’m already high risk because of my BP. 😦  While I don’t mind lots of ultrasounds… I’d rather not need all this monitoring.  Oh well.  I’ll take advantage of lots of pictures of our baby. ❤

I’m sure I’ll have an u/s at my intake with the OB, too.  And all the other milestone u/s…

Andrew was joking in the car on the way home that our family might get tired of seeing ultrasound pictures. 😉

So I haven’t really been around much, because I don’t know what to post lately.  Besides: yup, still pregnant.  I’ll try to be around more in general, though. I’m sure I’ll figure something out. 🙂


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