8 weeks & Perinatal Appt. (long)

So we had our first appointment with the OB this morning (well, technically just her nurse).  Routine stuff.  All the same info that we got at the same appointment back during what turned out to be the miscarriage.  Except that the nurse seemed very unprepared and discombobulated… our doctor’s nurse excused herself about 2 minutes in for a nosebleed, so a different nurse filled in.

I spent the entire appointment nervous and anxious out of my mind, and I have no idea why.  Maybe because the last time we had that appointment we were minutes away from bad news.  Maybe because it was 9am and I had many hours to wait until (what I hoped would be) a reassuring ultrasound at 2:30.  (Don’t worry, it was 🙂

So we came home, I took a nap.  Ate lunch.  Then it was off to the Perinatologist.  Where we waited what felt like forever to be called back for the u/s.  With a very angry, possibly crazy, woman (presumably another patient) yelling at someone on the phone in the hallway.

It felt like forever because I had to pee.  They told me to empty my bladder at 1, so I did, and then drink 3 glasses of water.  Lucky for me I had a 23.6oz water bottle.  I drank it all.  And I definitely had to pee.  Yet my bladder wasn’t as full as they wanted it for the u/s, so she had to poke harder.  Ouch.

I swear it felt like forever until she finally found the baby.  But once she did I was so happy because I could see the heartbeat no problem.  She started to measure it, and I think I annoyed her by asking what it was, since she wasn’t done measuring it yet. 😛  Whatever.  It was 176. 🙂

And here’s the payoff:


Our little gummy bear. ❤

Then we finally talked to the doctor, who basically said “yeah, you have chronic mild hypertension.  We’re managing it with drugs, we’ll keep a close eye on it, but we’re not all that worried.”  That makes me feel a ton better.

The rest of the day kind of sucked.  Well, ok, the shopping, then movie was fun.  But then we were going to a Wing place for trivia, but were hella early, so we decided to stop by and see kitties in the window at my old job.  Unfortunately, one look in the window and I quickly realized that my old boss was still at work, and just could not go near the place.  I had a little melt-down.  I think a lot of my old crappy emotions came flooding back.  I still feel bad for keeping Andrew from seeing the kitties. 😦

Anyway, so we finally get to Wing place, and not only did the service suck, but they cancelled trivia — indefinitely at that location.  Grr.  At least it was fun to hang out with the friends we’d invited. 🙂


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