Prenatal Yoga

I hate being that cliche, I get pregnant and then stop blogging.  I’m trying to get better at that.

Anyway, I went to my first yoga class ever today.  I think I really enjoyed it.  I’m hoping it’ll help with the blood pressure.  I got a little light headed about halfway through, after lots of head up and down and up and down.  So she had me sit out for a few minutes until I felt better.  Next time I either won’t bow my head so low, or at least take it a lot slower.  Regardless, I liked it, and think it was worthwhile.  Even if I was, by far, the earliest along expectant mother there.  The next closest one was like 25 weeks.

Today was my first Sunday off in forever, and it was awesome.  I finally told my boss I wanted Sundays off.  I had 0 days off a week with Andrew, and that gets real old real quick.  It was our first day off together (without doctor’s appointments) in a really long time.  We decided to set  up some things in the nursery, and they turned out super cute.  I know it’s really early, but oh well, it was fun. 🙂

Maybe I just really like being ahead of the game. 😛

Otherwise things are going relatively well.  Every few days I’ll get a terrible case of nausea — I came home from work early on Tuesday because I just felt that awful.  But it doesn’t seem that bad overall, and ginger ale and potato chips seem to help.  And my new shoes seem to keep my feet from swelling too bad.  Otherwise I’m just hungry all the time.


One thought on “Prenatal Yoga

  1. Hungry all the time is a good thing. 😉

    I’m happy you liked the yoga class. I bought a video and have been doing it that way since I couldn’t find a class around here, but I feel like it really does help.

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