Movement, and more waiting – 17 weeks

So I started feeling movement a little over a week ago.  I guess closer to two weeks now, since it was last Saturday.  I know that’s relatively early to feel it, but there it was, this tiny little buzzing feeling in my uterus. 🙂  I really can’t wait until baby’s movements are enough that Andrew can feel.

One week from today we have our Anatomy Scan.  At this point it’s been 5 weeks since we saw baby, and it’ll be 6 weeks for the A/S.  But, we heard the heartbeat, and I even got a Doppler so I could hear it at home.  And the movement helps remind me that he/she is still there, and presumably ok in there.

I still feel like there’s so much we need to do to get ready for baby.  We did a little in the nursery, super early.  It’s so cute, though, we couldn’t resist.  Waiting to find out the sex to do a little more decorating.  But I feel like I haven’t even looked at strollers, or cribs, or… lots and lots of other stuff.  We want to cloth diaper, but I any time I look at info about it, I’m incredibly overwhelmed.

And, of course, the house is messy.  It usually is.  We’re having a summer + “half baked” party in a few weeks, so, stuff needs to get moving in that direction.  Of course, as with any time we clean, I say “hopefully we can keep it this way now!”  Well, this time it seems extra important.  We are not neat people, but I refuse to raise my child in a messy house.  Err, a slovenly house that seems like two bachelors live here, I fully expect baby-related mess that I will be trying to stay on top of.

And today Babies R Us has a great coupon for 20% off your entire purchase, only good through Saturday.  If I had a crib or stroller or otherwise large purchase picked out, it would be perfect.  But I don’t.  And I wish it was next weekend, when we should know the sex, and can buy more specific stuff…..  First world problems, huh?

Sorry this post has been a mish mosh of random.  That’s what’s going through my brain these days.

In other news, I got Andrew this for Father’s Day:

I Love My Daddy This Much Infant Bodysuit

Good thing he doesn’t read my blog! 🙂


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