Anatomy Scan yesterday! (pic heavy)

So, we had our anatomy scan yesterday.  And it went well!  Seemed like everything that was supposed to be there, was… and nothing that wasn’t supposed to be there, wasn’t. 😉  Baby’s heart is about the size of a pencil eraser, but we could still see 4 distinct chambers!  This was a particular concern of mine, because I know two special heart babies (and their amazing mamas ❤ ).

Anyway, after a while and a ton of pictures, the tech had me get up to pee and move around to get some better angles of baby, and find out the sex!  Here it is:



I’m not going to lie, I feel a little weird about posting this money shot pic of our little girl.  Buuuuut… oh well. 🙂

We are so super excited about her!  We can do more in the nursery!  And register for things!!  Girl-specific things!

And if anyone asks, her name will be Princess Leia. 😛

Here’s a cute profile pic:

18weeks Name-out


And, finally, I might be willing to post a bump picture.  *gasp*  But, I also feel weird about posting my whole self on here, so here’s a headless bump pic. 😛

18wk Headless Bump


Looks like my tummy is finally starting to round out.  It still kind of feels/looks like two separate bumps, the bottom half is baby, the top half is the fat baby pushed up.  But it’s getting closer to a single bump. 😉

And finally, here’s our Facebook reveal picture:

Girl Reveal


“Trumpet the Elephant is Beary Excited to announce that it’s a …”


I’m glad the scan yesterday went well.  I think we were both slightly hoping for a girl.  (Not that we would’ve been disappointed with a boy, just saying!)  And most importantly, we’re happy she looks healthy! 😀  And she’s not even born yet, and I know she has her daddy wrapped around her little finger!

We needed some good news.  It’s been a really rough week for both of us.  I may talk about it more later, I may not.  For now I’ll just say that there are some things that both he and I have things to work on — separately, and together.  But we are, working on things that is, and I think we’ll be stronger in the end because of it. ❤


2 thoughts on “Anatomy Scan yesterday! (pic heavy)

  1. Congratulations!! You’re going to have so much fun picking out little girl stuff. 😀 And your baby bump looks great! Don’t you hate not getting to pee during the u/s?! Hardest thing – lol!

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