Kicks :)

So, I started feeling movement from baby a few weeks ago.  It was just this teeny little buzzing, and only really in one little spot.  I think it might have to do with the fact that I have a fibroid on that side, and maybe I’m more sensitive there?  Who knows.

But, of course, as she’s grown, it’s gotten stronger and stronger.  From teeny little tap-tap-tap, to more of a knocking … and lately I’ve gotten some that are even stronger.  And there are a couple of common spots now, instead of just the one.  But it’s awesome. 🙂  And!  I swear I actually saw my stomach jump yesterday!

Unfortunately, Andrew doesn’t have the patience to wait around to try and feel her kicks… *sigh*  I’m sure he’ll feel her eventually. 😛

Anyway, we’ve been working on what seems to be the one big project for the nursery: a dresser.  We knew what we wanted to do color-wise with the dresser, but knew that would inevitably mean painting it.  But, we only bought it on Saturday, and started painting it yesterday… so it’s still a work in progress–though, fortunately, almost done.  I think.  I’ll make a post of before and after once it’s done. 🙂

I’m also stocking up on cloth diapers… thanks to internet sales.  Any time I see a good sale on diapers, I have to buy some.  To the point where (once they get here) we’ll have roughly 2/3 of our stash built up.  At this rate, there may not be any need for the ones on our registry…  But, how can I resist things that will make her little diapered butt extra adorable, like these:

Royal Fluff PurpleLotus Bums Goldfish

Ok.  Post more once the dresser’s done, promise!  And we have a growth scan on Thursday, so hopefully I’ll have some cute ultrasound pictures. 🙂


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