Whew.  Every time I want to write a post, I get distracted.  This time by vacation.  Whee, vacation! 😀  It was a lot of fun.  We saw some waterfalls, ate delicious produce, and basically just relaxed.  It was great, but not too much to tell.  Here’s a pic of one of the waterfalls we saw:


Anyway, let’s play a little catch-up here.  (Pregnancy stuff and an ultrasound pic below the cut)

We had another ultrasound at 24 weeks, and this time got another picture.  Yay!


Hello pretty little girl! ❤  This was just a cervical check, so not much news on the baby.  My cervix still looks great, though, so that’s awesome. 🙂  This Thursday we have another growth scan!  Get to see how big she’s getting, and if she still has a slightly larger than average head! 😉  I love getting so many ultrasounds… just wish I didn’t have high BP to warrant them.

I don’t know if I mentioned, I’ve been doing prenatal yoga.  It’s awesome, and helps with some of the aches and pains I’ve had (nothing too worrisome, just annoying mostly).  Anyway, a few weekends ago, Andrew and I attended a Prenatal Yoga for couples class, which included some tips about labor, laboring positions, breathing, etc. etc.  We both enjoyed it, and learned a bunch.

(From here on is a long rambling about my thoughts on labor and giving birth, etc. etc.)

Honestly, it gave me a totally different perspective on labor and the birth process.  Before, I was set on my birth like this: hospital, drugs, done.  Give me the drugs.  Pain meds are there for a reason, may as well use them.  Then I read on another blog how sometimes they give you pitocin even if you’ve already started labor on your own.  Which I’d like to avoid.  No unnecessary drugs.  But does that mean I should turn down pain meds, too?

Then we had that yoga class, and I realized how much more awesome other positions would be to labor in than laying on a bed.  Especially laying on a bed unable to move my legs and whatnot from an epidural.  So do I want to do it completely without drugs?  Bleh, I don’t know.  I think I want to keep it open as an option.  I don’t know what my pain threshold will be like.  Maybe I’ll surprise myself and be able to power through.  But I want options.

So I’ve had a few people recommend getting a doula.  I think we’re going to end up doing that.  She would be another advocate for me (and baby) during labor and whatnot.  I certainly won’t be in a position to make decisions, and Andrew likely won’t, either.  So she’d be there to help, if the nurses or doctor recommend something we might not be 100% comfortable with (c-section, drugs).  I just want to make sure she’s not going to stop me if I decide I really want the pain meds.

As a small side note, I found out insurance will cover a breast pump, and our birthing classes at the hospital!  Yay!  They won’t cover a doula, but oh well.  2/3 ain’t bad. 🙂


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