26 weeks, or 65% baby

We had another ultrasound on Thursday, this time a growth scan.  We got the same tech who clearly likes to take pictures for us. 🙂  (Or maybe since I complained, they try to give us that tech, and give us pictures.  Whatevs, I’ll take it)

U/S pics etc. below the cut.

26weeks profile Name-out

Here is her profile. 🙂  Again with the hand by the forehead — oh, life is hard being a baby. 🙂26weeks face Name-outAnd her adorable little face.  ❤

Andrew likes to point out that every week is another 2.5% to the end — or at least due date!  So we are now 65% of the way to baby!  (Well, just over, because Thursday was 26 weeks)  Baby girl measured great at her growth scan!  They estimate her around 2 lbs (give or take 5 oz….) and her head is still big.  At 26 weeks, her head is measuring about 27 1/2, and her tummy is just behind that.  Her little legs, though, were measuring 25 weeks.  So she has A’s giant head, and my tiny legs. 😛  Overall I think she was around 52nd percentile or something.  That seems to be slowly decreasing, last time she was 60-something, and before that 74-or so… but my OB says as long as it doesn’t get lower than the 10th percentile, we’re ok.  Right now it seems like she’s just gone down to average. 😛

Also, last post I meant to do a little dance, or give a little cheer, or whatever, that we’d hit 24 weeks!  24-weeks is commonly known as V-Day, or Viability Day.  Meaning, that’s the earliest point at which the baby could possibly survive, if they were born that early.  Holy crap, modern medicine is amazing.  Well, 24 weeks is what most online communities etc. see as V-Day.  Apparently Andrew did some googling (I do my best to stay away), and it’s really 23 weeks that is the break-even point for micro-preemies, about a 50% success rate.  Meaning even before that there’s still a chance of survival.  This just astounds me.

Through the message boards, I’ve joined a group of November ’13 Moms (those due in November this year, though some got their dates changed to the end of Oct. or early Dec. and stayed).  Two babies have been born already.  Two.  One at 26w1d, and another at 27w4d.  It really hit home that little girl could be here any day now (though we really hope she waits until at least 36-37 weeks!).  According to this article, 26 weeks has over a 90% survival rate, and the stats are a few years old.  Anyway, my understanding is that both babies are doing relatively well —  at least as well as might be expected.

Anyway, after last post’s long ramble about what I hope for our birth, we actually talked to our OB, and I feel a lot better.  I mean, I love my OB.  She just made me feel a lot better about the whole thing.  They don’t give pitocin or whatever unless your labor stalls, but she really recommends it for after to get the placenta out, etc.  She also explained, that if I say I don’t want an epi, and then change my mind, they won’t give me one… or if I say I do want one, and change my mind, they’ll force one on me. 😛  And, of course, she assured me that they will do whatever else they can to avoid a c-section.  It even made me question whether or not we need a doula.  But, we’re meeting with one next weekend, so we’ll see how that goes.

I think that’s it for now!


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