30 weeks

We had our 30 week growth scan yesterday.

Baby girl is measuring around 3lb 5oz, her head is still big, and her tummy too, and her legs are still short. 😛  She’s measuring around the 40th percentile.  This has steadily declined for every growth scan – every 4 weeks.  She was 74th percentile or something at the 18 week anatomy scan, 60something percentile at 22 weeks, 52nd percentile at 26 weeks, and now 40th percentile.  Thanks to my BP, this is pretty much to be expected, and the doc even told us at the anatomy scan this would probably happen, and she wouldn’t be worried unless she measures in the 10th percentile or less.  So, assuming the trend continues, she’ll just be on the small side by around 40 weeks, but still not in the zone where they worry.  So I’m trying not to worry about it, either.  Easier said than done, though.  If my BP gets crazy, it’ll probably restrict her growth more.  Bleh.

I’m now on 2x the dose of meds that I started on.  Well, at least the lowest dose there is worked for about 28 weeks or so.  I think I can still go as high as 3x what I’m taking now (6x what I started at), so there’s still a lot of wiggle room.  Keep your fingers crossed that no matter how high they push the dose, it’s enough to keep her in to term.

Oh yeah, and she’s breach.  I guess at 30 weeks there’s still time for her to turn.  But, if she doesn’t, that means C-section.  The prospect of that stresses both of us out, a lot, I think.  Andrew mostly because he’s very unhappy that his job gives him absolutely zero paternity leave.  Which could cause extra problems if I need a C-section.

Anyway.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still beyond thrilled to be pregnant.  We can’t wait to meet our little girl!  (But want to wait at least a few weeks!!)  I guess I’m just worried about all this stuff.

In other news, we’re still looking for a doula.  We wanted to hire the first one we met, but she ended up being booked.  So I set up meetings with 3 that the first one recommended.  Liked the first one, but wanted to meet the other two first.  Yesterday’s cancelled because she was attending a birth.  I’m sure we’ll find the right one, it’s just a little bit of a process.

It’s been a crazy week with in-laws visiting, baby classes, doula meetings (cancelled last minute) and lots of other stuff.  But busy is good, right? 😉

And, stuff has started coming in from the registry.  Which is awesome, and a little surreal.  But, I’m starting to wonder where to put it all. 😛


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