Heads down! And lots of monitoring…

Whew.  We’ve had lots of appointments.

At 30 weeks, she was breech.  At 32 weeks, 33, 34, and 35 (just on Friday), almost identical position, heads up.  This morning she was finally head down!  Hooray!  I’m pretty relieved, because I was really torn whether or not to try the procedure to manually flip her (potentially painful, with no guarantee of success), or just opt for the Cesarean.

As for lots of appointments.  Well, they’ve been watching me super close because of my high BP.  I’ve had an u/s every 2 weeks since 18 weeks, alternating cervical checks and growth scans.  Then at 32 weeks we moved up to NSTs 2x a week, and u/s every week (mostly just fluid check, but still growth scans every 4 weeks.

Everything’s been good so far.  My BP is going up as time goes on, but as long as we keep on track of it and increase my meds accordingly, everything seems ok.  I’m spending my days in bad watching mediocre/bad TV on Netflix, but that’s best for my BP and thus best for the baby.

Let’s make a long story short here, all this monitoring has shown a few potential red flags… most of which have subsequently been ruled out.

There’s one more thing they want to watch after she’s born that they couldn’t get a good look at.  But hopefully there’s no cause for concern there, either.

And of course, I can’t help but wonder if everything’s perfectly fine all over, and they wouldn’t have even seen anything to worry about if they weren’t watching me so super duper close.  Oy.  I think it’s kind of a blessing and a curse…


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