Hooray! Baby’s here!

So I guess it’s been about 2 1/2 weeks since it happened, but I had our beautiful little girl. ❤

Abbreviated birth story, and photo behind the cut.

I’ll try to make a long story short, here.

On Halloween, I went in for an appointment and an ultrasound to check my fluid level.  It was a little low, down to 8 something from 10 something the one before.  My doctor told me that if it went below 5, they would induce me… and of course reminded me that she was going out of town for two weeks.

So with my doctor out of town, of course at my next appointment (11/4) my fluid had dropped below a 5 and they started to induce me that night.

It was a very long not quite 48 hours.  We went through a lot.  I am eternally grateful that we’d hired a doula.  They started with Cytotec Monday night, and then moved to Pitocin Tuesday morning, so we waited to have the doula come until then.  She was a trooper, and helped keep us both sane at some points.  We broke her record for longest labor with a client… go us!  Or something.

Anyway, after what had already been somewhat of an ordeal, I spiked a fever of 103.3 Wednesday afternoon.  So, it was time to get the baby out.   They gave me a course of antibiotics, and then did a C-Section.

Caitlyn Emma was born at 4:48 on 11/6, weighing 5lb 7.5oz, and 18.5in long.  We are so in love!


She had a little trouble breathing when she first came out, but that didn’t last very long.  They kept her in the hospital for 10 days after she was born, mostly to give her antibiotics.  She also had some jaundice in there, and they did a procedure to look at the one thing they were worried about with her heart, which turned out to be fine.

I’ve typed up a longer, more detailed version of her birth story… it’s not for the faint of heart.  I’ll probably make a separate post for it.  But it was an eventful birth, and first few days in this precious little girl’s life.  She’s now home, safe and sound, and performing her only “jobs” like a champ: eating, pooping, and looking adorable.  She’s snoozing on daddy’s chest right now. 🙂


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