Here are some common abbreviations you’ll find on my blog:

3DT = Three Day (embryo) Transfer – IVF
= Five Day Transfer
= Aunt Flo = period.  See Also: Family Guy’s Cleaveland, “Loretta likes to personify her menses”
AFC = Antral Follicle Count – how many possible eggs for that cycle
BCP = Birth Control Pills (sometimes used for other, similar forms)
= Big Fat [effin’] Negative (pregnancy test)
BFP = Big Fat Positive (pregnancy test)
DE = Donor Egg
DOR = Diminished Ovarian Reserve
DPO = Days Past Ovulation
ER = Egg Retrieval
ET = Egg Transfer
FET = Frozen Embryo Transfer (“extra” embryos frozen during IVF)
hcG = Human Chorionic Gonadotropin – AKA: pregnancy hormone
HOM = High Order Multiples (triplets +)
HSG = Hysterosalpingogram = dye injected into the uterus + Xray (& ultrasound) to check for blockage in the fallopian tubes, and to a lesser extent examine the uterus
ICSI = Intracytoplasmic sperm injection – high tech fertilization for IVF
IUI = Intrauterine Insemination (AKA: Artificial Insemination) = high tech turkey baster with a very accurate GPS
IVF = In vitro fertilization
PEO = Progesterone in Ethyl Oleate
PIO = Progesterone in Oil
PUPO = Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise
RE = Reproductive Endocrinologist = phD in Babymakingology
SA = Semen Analysis
SHG = Sonohysterogram (also called SIS = Saline Injected Sonogram) = saline injected into the uterus, to check for abnormalities in the uterus and to a lesser extent the tubes
TTC = Trying to Conceive


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