Cheat day!

So we’ve been dieting since January 1st, like probably most people with New Year’s Resolutions!  Andrew’s lost more than me — he’s been better about the workouts, but I’ve still lost 6 pounds!

But one of the best things about our diet is the weekly “cheat day.”  It’s built in, figuring that people are less likely to stray if they have a day designated to do so.

Anyway, since we’d been such gluttons… pretty much the whole time from Thanksgiving to New Year’s, we waited until today to have a cheat day.

So at work I had eggs, hash browns and bacon.  Mmmmm.  And then for dinner, we had sushi.  Lots. and. lots. of. sushi!!  Oh how much do I love sushi!

And now I’m drinking wine. 🙂

I love cheat day. ❤

There’s not really much point to this post… just that I’m a bit inebriated and thought it was a good idea. 😀


New Year and a new approach

We both firmly believed that 2012 simply had to be better than 2011, just by default.  We decided to start it off on the right foot, and finally lose that weight we’d been complaining about for months.

We started eating healthier, and exercising.  Our diet was our own sort of modified Atkins or South Beach, with a touch of a juice fast.  We cut out empty carbs–rice, pastas, breads, etc–while keeping the healthy ones, like beans and whatnot, and stayed away from sugars.  And we had juice instead of breakfast every morning.  With the caveat of a “cheat day” once a week, where we could eat whatever we wanted.

We also did a full on juice fast for 10 days.  It was really difficult to consume nothing but juice, but all the micro nutrients in the juices actually kept us feeling really good.

Overall, we each got close to the 25 pound mark.  We felt better, looked better, and were happy with our accomplishment in the weight loss department.

But the stress and disappointment of continued failure in the TTC department was taking its toll, and we finally decided to see a fertility specialist.