Happy Mother’s Day

And now for a brief, happy post.

NecklaceThis was my beautiful Mother’s Day present from Andrew. ❤



Retrieval Date!


I’ll get my eggs retrieved on Tuesday!  I don’t have a time yet, but it’ll be in the morning!
Still looking at 7 follies, most around 16.5-17.5mm, with one at 15.5 and one at 12.5.  Honestly, I’m not as hopeful for that last one.  But who knows!

It’s go time!
Another monitoring appointment tomorrow… I feel like a pincushion!

Still 7 follies

We’ve still got 7 follicles.  They’re all averaging at 13-14mm, but there’s one at about 10.5.  The 8th one that was at 5ish didn’t even get counted this time. 😦

I’m still hoping that there are one or two hiders.

But those 7 are big enough that they had me start taking Ganirelix, which is the “crap don’t ovulate yet!!” drug.  And my doctor said that we’ll probably have our Egg Retrieval on Monday or Tuesday!  Here goes nothing!

We’ll know more for sure at tomorrow’s monitoring appointment.

Injection fun time

The past few days have been very busy!  And it’s been … interesting to try and schedule my shots for about the same time every day.

For the rundown, I’m doing 225iu of Follistim both AM and PM, and 20cc of hCG PM.  So that’s 3 shots per day.  I started on Friday.

The morning one’s been consistent, at 8:30am.  The night time one has been around 7:30-8 so far, but I’d like to slowly push that a little later so I don’t have a repeat of last night… where I injected myself in the public restroom at work.  I totally felt like a junkie. 😛  I would’ve pushed it last night, if it hadn’t already been jacked by Daylight Savings time.

Other than that, not much to report.  The hcG definitely stings worse than the Follistim. 😦  And I think my ovaries feel bigger, but that could just be psychosomatic.

I go in tomorrow for monitoring, and we’ll see how things are progressing!