Hospital revisited

So the very day of my last post (well, technically that night) I went back into the hospital.  Turns out my abscess came back.  Some combination of either the drain being pulled or the antibiotics being stopped too soon — or both.  Bleh.

Another 4 days in the hospital.  But, I was diligent with the pumping this time.  Regardless, she was fed 50/50 formula/milk while I was there, just because Andrew didn’t want me to feel to stressed or pressured.  Which is a relief.  We were actually able to put some milk in the freezer, too.  Then I got home and we went back to 100% milk, but I wasn’t quite keeping up with it, so we had to defrost some.  So right now we’re supplementing with about 25% formula.  I think I’m right around the right amount to feed her, but it’s close.  Anyway, I’m not sure what the right answer is, but we’ll figure it out…. probably by the time she starts eating solids. 😉

As for me, I’m getting better, I think.  I hope.  I’m on IV antibiotics (yes, at home)… Andrew’s been amazing doing those for me every morning.  I have another doctor’s appointment on Thursday.  Hopefully he has good news, that things are finally going away.  I just want to be better.

Unfortunately, we had to cancel our trip to the East Coast.  Just because there was no guarantee I’d be healthy by then, and even if I am, it would be a lot of energy to fly across the country… especially with a 3 month old.  So that sucks.

But on the plus side, I got an awesome new camera right before I got sick, and I’ve been taking lots of cool pictures.  I’ve even been taking a photography class at the the community college up the street. 🙂  I may want to do it for money at some point, but I’m not there yet, and just having fun with it so far. 🙂


High Blood Pressure

So I went to my PCP for my cold/throat thing, and got antibiotics, which are already helping me feel better.

Unfortunately, I apparently also have high blood pressure.  It’s been a little high the past few times I had it taken, but never this high.  Apparently both my brothers have high BP too, and it tends to be genetic.  Suck.

So now I go on blood pressure meds, and try the advice every TTC hates: relax.


I might stop peeing on things now

I make no promises, but I might.  For a few reasons, 1. in the interest of not spending $4/day (or every other day, as I’ve been slightly more restrained) on pee tests, and 2. it’s telling me what I already knew, I’m pregnant, and getting pregnant-er.

I’m still nervous, but peeing on more sticks isn’t going to change anything.

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